His Excellency, The President

"Master of the Ship of State;
Servant of the People"

The President
His Excellency President Grand Admiral Colonel Doctor Kevin Baugh, President and Ras of Molossia, Protector of the Nation and Guardian of the People 

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The President & Children
The President speaking with Molossian children 
His Excellency is the leader of the Molossian nation, and of the Molossian People. The welfare of all the nation's citizens is his foremost concern. The President does not consider this considerable responsibility a burden, but an honor, and he seeks every opportunity to interact with the people, and learn their concerns, hopes and dreams.

The President spends long hours laboring in the service of the Molossian People. Seen here at work in the Presidential Palace, His Excellency considers the entire Molossian nation his office, and service to his people his supreme, all-consuming pastime.
The President at Work
His Excellency at work in the Presidential Office. 

The President at war
The President directing troop movements. 
His Excellency was first and foremost a military man, having spent much of his adult life in the service of the Molossian Armed Forces. Now, as he leads his nation as its President, His Excellency's military background serves him well, leading, guiding and directing the path of Molossian government and the future of the country itself.

The President maintains friendly relations with many famous international personalities, from entertainment, political and business world. Establishing ties such as these helps bring prosperity to our nations, and gives Molossia a greater status among the world of nations.

The President with Jack Black
His Excellency meeting with famed actor Jack Black.
The President with Scotty
His Excellency meeting with the late Star Trek legend James Doohan.

The President with Kelly Clarkson
His Excellency meeting with pop star Kelly Clarkson.

The President at war
The President standing atop Lassen Peak,
at 1,991 RN (3,187 m / 10,457 ft) elevation.
His Excellency is an active man, spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors. He enjoys spending time hiking and camping with his family in Molossia's beautiful and rugged wilderness.

The President is quite proud of his lovely First Lady, Madame Adrianne Baugh. Mme. Adrianne Baugh is an integral part of Molossian life, serving in several government posts as well as muse and constant companion to His Excellency.
The President and First Lady
The President and The First Lady. 

In Republic Square
His Excellency, The President and Ras of the Republic of Molossia