Molossian Beginnings

The Grand Republic of Vuldstein was founded on May 26th, 1977, in Portland, Oregon. Despite its name it had a King, James I, and a Prime Minister, Kevin Baugh. Documents, which follow below, established the Grand Republic and not only demonstrated its national symbols and money, but provided for future citizenship.

The Grand Republic generally became inactive later that year, as the King moved to a different school. However, the Prime Minister carried it on through the next twenty-one years (during which time it was renamed the Kingdom of Edelstein, and later the Kingdom of Zaria), until the Grand Republic of Vuldstein was reborn as the Kingdom of Molossia in May 1998. In June 1998 the Kingdom became a People's Democratic Republic, which later joined the United Provinces of Utopia as a province of that nation. In February 1999, the People's Democratic Republic of Molossia was again declared a sovereign nation, and in September of that year became the Republic of Molossia, the nation you see before you today.

A Map of the Grand Republic
The nation was located on a fictional island in the Baie de la Seine, off the coast of France.

Embassy Sign

National Arms
The two headed eagle was known as a "Grok", and also decorated the National Flag.

National Flag

"Key" to the map of Vuldstein
Architectural plans were also drawn up for each building on the island.

A sheet of Vuldstein Dollars
A Vuldstein Dollar had the value of twenty-five cents, U.S.

Facts in Brief

The "Founder" of Vuldstein, truck driver Joe E. Vuldstein
Includes some notes on Vuldstein Holidays.

Citizenship Application Form

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