On 9 April 2010 XXXIII, the Republic of Molossia was invaded and the government of our nation was overthrown. After a short period, however, the invader's new government failed and the rightful leadership of Molossia was restored.

On the morning of 9 April 2010, a small invasion force of about 20 assembled on the eastern frontier of Molossia, near the Molossia Cemetery. Spurred on by its charismatic leader and the promise of conquest, the little army swept across the border to the edge of Norton Park, in spite of Molossia's defenses. The invaders overwhelmed our nation, unprepared as it was for attack. To avoid the devastation of Molossia, His Excellency, The President surrendered to the leader of the invading army. In short order, the Molossian Government was replaced and the name of our fair nation was changed to "Kickassia".

Having achieved their goal of occupying Molossia, the government of Kickassia set about running their new nation. They quickly found it to be more difficult than they had previously thought, their struggles with new nationhood compounded by the egotistical behavior of their dictatorial leader. As friction increased between their leader and the Kickassian people, President Kevin Baugh of Molossia, in the guise of his alter ego, Baron Fritz von Baugh, worked behind the scenes to subvert the Kickassian Government. "Fritz" was retained to keep things running during the transition between governments, an advantageous position that allowed him to help turn the Kickassians against their dictator. Finally, the Kickassian Government collapsed, and the dictator was violently overthrown. After a brief power struggle, the Kickassians decided that running a nation was not their forte, and they compelled their beaten dictator to return the reigns of government to President Baugh. On 11 April 2010 XXXIII, the Kickassians departed Molossia for parts unknown and thus ended this bizarre, but mercifully brief, episode in Molossian history.

The Dictator

The Invading Horde

Assaulting the Fence

Still Assaulting the Fence

The Overthrow Begins

Angry Mob

Penitent Invader

The Dictator Capitulates

Kickasian Flag

Baron Fritz von Baugh

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