"Imagination plays too important a role in the writing of history, and what is imagination but the projection of the author's personality." - Pieter Geyl.

Please note: The Republic of Molossia bears no relation to the ancient Greek nation of the same name.

The Molossian Nation was founded on May 26th, 1977 I. Known at that time as the Grand Republic of Vuldstein, James Spielman was declared King James I, and Kevin Baugh was declared Prime Minister. After a short period of sporadic activity the nation entered into a period of dormancy. King James I, though still monarch, ceased to be active in the kingdom at that time. The Kingdom continued on, without the direct participation of the King, and continued to be developed by the Prime Minister. In 1980 III it was renamed the Kingdom of Edelstein, and in 1988 XI it was renamed again, this time as the Kingdom of Zaria. The Kingdom existed as a nomadic government, without a home. Carried on by the Prime Minister, the Government traveled to Europe. While in Europe, and after its return from Europe in 1992 XV, the Kingdom prospered and grew culturally.

In 1995 XVIII, the Kingdom was transplanted to the State of Nevada, USA. In 1998, land was purchased that our nation could call home, and upon which the government was formally and officially established. In June 1998 XXI, the Kingdom was renounced in favor of a provisional Communist government. In September 1998 XXI, Molossia sacrificed its sovereignty and joined the United Provinces of Utopia as a province of that nation.

In January 1999 XXII the UPOU ceased to exist as a nation, and bereft of a national government, the People's Democratic Republic of Molossia was declared, on February 21st, 1999 XXII, with Kevin Baugh serving as Premier.

Beginning in the spring of 1999 XXII, Molossia began a serious path of developing itself as an emerging small nation, rather than a micronation project. Our possession of physical territory makes this a course a tangible one, rather than a fantasy.

On September 3rd, 1999 XXII, the Communist government was renounced, the People's Democratic Republic ceased to exist, and the Republic of Molossia was declared. The former Premier, Kevin Baugh, became the President of the new government.

As a republic, we have strived to unite small nations, and to extend the world of small nations into the world of large nations. In 2000 XXIII, Molossia hosted the first Intermicronational Olympic Games, in concert with the 2000 Sydney Games. That same year, Molossia sponsored the successful adoption of Norton Day (January 8th) as the first international holiday exclusively for small nations, and further created the Norton Awards for Intermicronational Excellence. In 2001 XXIV, our nation hosted the first Intermicronational World Exposition, showcasing small nations from the world over.

In August 2003 XXVI Molossia expanded its frontiers for the first time and purchased land in Northern California, creating our first colony, Farfalla. This colony was surrendered in late 2005, only to be supplanted almost simultaneously by a new territory, Desert Homestead Province, located in Southern California. In February 2015 XXXVIII Farfalla Colony was regained by our nation, becoming a part of Molossia again after nearly ten years. In 2022 XLV Farfalla Colony became an official Province of Molossia.

On 22 May 2006 XXIX, Molossia was attacked by the nearby small nation of Mustachistan, resulting in a brief war with that nation. That war ended on 8 June 2006 XXIX, with a resounding Molossian victory. Problems have continued with that country however, most recently with a crisis over the Mustachistan missile program in November and December 2006 XXIX.

In March 2007 XXX, Molossia led the way in the environmental arena by banning incandescent lightbulbs. In January 2009 XXXII, Molossia also banned plastic shopping bags and began a comprehensive recycling program.

In September 2008 XXXI, a long-forgotten Declaration of War was discovered, opening hostilities with East Germany. War was apparently declared on 2 November 1983 VII, when Molossia was still known as the Grand Republic of Vuldstein. In spite of East Germany being defunct, it still exists in part in the form of a small uninhabited island off Cuba, and thus the war, at least in theory, continues, with no end in sight.

On 9 April 2010 XXXIII, Molossia was invaded and the government was briefly overthrown. The nation was renamed "Kickassia", and a dictatorial leader assumed control. His authoritarian style quickly became his downfall and the upstart government collapsed swiftly. On 12 April 2010 XXXIII, the invaders departed peacefully and Molossia was restored to its rightful state, with His Excellency, The President again at the helm.

Due to its longevity, Molossia has gained the respect of other small, unrecognized nations, and a certain amount of notoriety. Our nation has been featured in several radio interviews, a television interview, newspapers and magazines around the world, internet articles, and in a book by Lonely Planet. His Excellency, The President also appears regularly in the annual Nevada Day Parade, held in nearby Carson City, Nevada. Our nation has an active Space Program and frequently launches rockets. Molossia has a proud Navy, which regularly plies the waters of local lakes and even the ocean. Molossia sets the standards for others, leading the way in the world of small nations.

Molossia has a proud heritage and history, one that is unique to our nation and set us apart as a special place. Today's republic looks toward a proud future for all Molossians and small nations the world over.


  • May 26th, 1977 I - Founded as the Grand Republic of Vuldstein near Portland, Oregon. King James I proclaimed King of Vuldstein.

  • 1980 III - Renamed the Kingdom of Edelstein; Nomadic Period; King inactive, government headed by the Prime Minister.

  • 1988 XI - Renamed the Kingdom of Zaria: Nomadic Period; King inactive, government headed by the Prime Minister.

  • May 1998 XXI - Land obtained near Dayton, Nevada. The Kingdom is renamed Molossia and proclaimed upon our new land.

  • June 1998 XXI - Kingdom of Molossia overthrown and replaced by provisional Communist government.

  • September, 1998 XXI - Provisional Government relinquishes sovereignty, merges Molossia with the United Provinces of Utopia, a Communist nation.

  • January 1999 XXII - The United Provinces of Utopia ceases to exist.

  • February 21st, 1999 XXII - The People's Democratic Republic of Molossia is declared, a sovereign nation again, with a communist government.

  • September 3rd 1999 XXII - The communist government is renounced, and the Republic of Molossia is established.