"Vote for who you like, it's a free dictatorship." - The Two Band Guys, Moon Over Parador.

The Republic of Molossia is a sovereign nation with a physical location near Dayton, Nevada. We, the Molossian Nation, exercise full civil jurisdiction and concurrent criminal jurisdiction over these lands. Our nation is governed by a Constitution, which empowers a National Assembly to serve as the legislative branch, a President to serve as the executive branch, and a Supreme Court that is responsible for judicial oversight.

At this time, due to unrest and the ever-present foreign menace from over the border, a state of martial law exists in our nation. His Excellency, The President, exercises absolute, enlightened and benevolent leadership over Molossia, and pledges every effort to guide our nation into the future.

The President
His Excellency President Grand Admiral Colonel Doctor Kevin Baugh, President of Molossia,
Protector of the Nation and Guardian of the People

President of the Republic,
Head of State and Head of Government
Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Minister of War and of the Navy,
and Minister of Pretty Much Everything Else

First Lady
Madame Adrianne Marie Baugh, First Lady of Molossia
First Lady of the Republic,
Deputy Head of State and Head of Government
Minister of Internal Affairs,
Minister of State Security,
Minister of Finance
and Minister of Pretty Much Everything The President Isn't

Fritz Von Baugh
Minister Of Making
Things Orderly
Paddy O'Baugh
Minister Of Making
Things Disorderly
Achmed Al-Baugh
Minister Of Sand,
Rocks and Dust Storms

Angus MacBaugh
Minister Of Frugality
Juan de la Baugh
Minister Of Ethnic Food