The Republic of Molossia honors the Heroes of Molossia, significant individuals, living or deceased, that have contributed to Molossia's development as a nation. Our Heroes are recognized on the Molossia Heroes Monument, at the east end of Red Square. This column not only acknowledges those individuals that have contributed to our nation, but also honors all Molossians in the wars in which our nation has been involved, specifically the Mustachistan War and the War Against East Germany. Plaques on the column recognize both individual heroes and the nation's wartime sacrifices.

As well as the monument, 30 April is a national holiday, Heroes Day. This date was selected because of its relation to Camerone Day, the observance of the Battle of Camerone, wherein 65 French Foreign Legionnaires fought against 3000 Mexican soldiers in an heroic last stand. Long admired by His Excellency, The President, the anniversary of this iconic battle is a perfect date on which to recognize our own heroes. An observance will thus be held on 30 April every year, both to remember the wartime heroes of Molossia as well as the individual Heroes of Molossia.

Current Heroes of Molossia:

  • His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh

  • First Lady Adrianne Baugh

  • Chief Constable Alexis Baugh

  • Emperor Norton I

  • Walt Disney

  • Miranda Mc Elhiney

  • Admiral Erik White

  • Heroes of the Mustachistan War

  • Heroes of the War Against East Germany

  • The Heroes Monument


    Individuals who are recognized by the Molossian Republic for their influence on our nation, or just because we like 'em!

  • HIM Emperor Shawn of the Empire of Septempontia (Formerly the Triselene Imperium)

  • HIM Empress Andrea, formerly of the Triselene Imperium

  • HM King Friedrich Albrecht I of the Kingdom of Falkenberg

  • HM King Thomas of the Kingdom of Lectoria

  • HM Queen Kasimir Diana of the Kingdom of TorHavn

  • HCH Prince Peter I Ravn of the Sovereign Principality of Corvinia

  • HG Lars Erik, Duke of Trekroner, Sovereign Principality of Corvinia

  • HSH Prince Alan, Prince of Grönbjerg, the Empire of Septempontia (Formerly the Triselene Imperium)

  • The Honorable Ambassador Admiral Jerry Ehrlich of Pennsylvania

  • Commodore Jonathan Miller, of Highland, Indiana

  • The Honorable Katie Bellis Miller, of Highland, Indiana

  • The Honorable Jacob Brown of Lucedale, Mississippi

  • The Honorable Miss Miranda Summerwind Mc Elhiney of Reno, Nevada

  • The Honorable Ms. Sam McCord of Stagecoach, Nevada

  • The Honorable Bion Wells of Dayton, Nevada

  • Comrade Rob Hart of the United Provinces of Utopia

  • Comrade Premier Mike Rosario of East Cyberia

  • Comrade Premier Vjacheslav Vassilyev Tovdjorvic Slovina of Karatov