Our Most Popular Foods

Molossia's national cuisine is simple and tasty - and rather eclectic. Several dishes have been borrowed from other cultures and adopted into our own. The ingredients and spices for these dishes are generally found in many Molossian homes and restaurants.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Spaghetti and Meatballs,
a perennial favorite,
hearkening back to the Old Country.
Always served with black
olives on the side.

Pizza, another Molossian favorite.

Lasagne, the traditional
Christmas entree, enjoyed
year-round as well.

The New Orleans Muffaletta
is a sandwich that was created in
1906 at the Central Grocery
in the French Quarter. It is
made up of olive salad, ham,
cheese, salami, and pepperoni
tucked inside Focaccia bread.
Great for St. Expeditus Day!

Loco Moco, borrowed from Hawaii,
is made up of fried eggs,
a hamburger patty
and brown gravy over
a bed of white rice.
Comfort food!

Poutine, borrowed
from our Canadian neighbors,
is made up of french fries,
cheese curds and brown gravy,
unusual and delicious!

Shepherd's Pie is
a Molossian staple borrowed
from Britain and traditionally
served on Boxing Day
- and in a more portable
form, on Guy Fawkes night.

is the official restaurant of Molossia.

Cookie Dough Fests

Cookie Dough

Cookie dough is a staple at "Cookie Dough Fests", traditional Molossian celebrations held in honor of any holiday or event Molossians want to celebrate. At a Cookie Dough Fest, Molossians eat copious amounts of cookie dough and watch (usually bad) scary movies. Any excuse will do, and they're always great fun!

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