The 2000
For Micronational Excellence and Achievement
The Categories:

Intermicronational achievement
Political achievement
Cultural achievement
New micronation of the year
Personal achievement

The 2000 Norton Panel

HCH Prince Peter I Ravn,
Sovereign Principality of Corvinia

HM Kasimir Diana, Regina,
Kingdom of TorHavn

HIM Shawn, Imperator,
The Triselene Imperium

HE President Kevin Baugh
Republic of Molossia

Hon. Nathan Maron
Aerican Empire

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Norton Medal image courtesy of His Imperial Majesty Georgivs II, of the Empire of Atlantium.
The Norton Awards are bestowed annually on individuals and nations that have demonstrated outstanding excellence and achievement in the micronational world during the previous year. The honours are awarded by an impartial panel composed of representatives from nations that recognize and celebrate Emperor Norton I Day as an official holiday.

The Norton Awards are given every year on January 8th, the anniversary of the death of Emperor Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. This is in conjunction with the annual celebration of the first intermicronational holiday, Emperor Norton I Day, in recognition of Emperor Norton I as the first micronationalist.


Intermicronational achievement:
REPUBLIC OF MOLOSSIA, for the Intermicronational Olympics.

Political achievement:
DEMOCRACY OF CHERUSKEN-ISONOMIA, for the successful merger of Cherusken and Isonomia.
THE TRISELENE IMPERIUM, for achieving a rebirth and renewal following their secession from Triparia.

Cultural achievement:
REPUBLIC OF MOLOSSIA, for its commitment for culture, including multilingualism, Radio Molossia, etc.
THE IRC CHANNEL #ISONOMIA, for being the location of a fertile online environment for the bilingual citizenry of the DCI, and their guests.

New micronation of the year:

Personal achievement:
LARS ERIK, DUKE OF TREKRONER, for the creation of the website.