Molossia's Red Square is the public face of our nation and contains many of the establishments that keep Molossia running and make it interesting. It is the home to the Molossia Post Office, the Molossia Trading Company, the Office of the President, the Bank of Molossia, the Tiki Hut Bar and Grill, the Peace Pole, the Pineapple Fountain, the Heroes Monument and the Water Tower. In addition, a branch of the Molossian telephone system resides here and the Square is adjacent to the Molossia Customs Office and not far from beautiful Norton Park.

Friendship Gateway,
Red Square

Friendship Gateway,
Red Square

Red Square

Bank and Tiki Hut,
Red Square

Post Office and
Trading Company,
Red Square

Office of the President,
Red Square


The Molossia Customs Office is the gateway to Molossia. Technically just outside Red Square, it is nevertheless an integral part of of any visit to our nation. Ably manned by Fred the Customs Guy, it is here that visitors must first stop to check in before touring Molossia. Signs indicate what cannot be brought into our nation and an entry fee of pocket change is extracted from willing tourists. After pausing at our Customs Office, it is on to tour the Republic of Molossia!

Fred The
Customs Guy


The oldest building in Red Square and a Molossian landmark, the Molossia Post Office was building as our second government building, after the nearby Customs Station. Perpetually manned by Ralph the Postal Guy, the Post Office is the home to our mighty Molossian Postal, Telegraph and Telephone Service (Molossia Post), which provides the communication services that tie our nation together and link it to the outside world.

Ralph The
Postal Guy


If you're in the mood for shopping, the Molossia Trading Company is the place for you. From everyday supplies to exotic goods, Trader Tom stocks it all. The Trading Company of course specializes in Molossian souvenirs, for sale to Molossia's frequent visitors. Stop by and browse Trader Tom's wares, if you are visiting our nation, or visit the Trading Company's online Cafepress store here.

The Trading Company

Trader Tom


The Office of the President is the working home of our leader, His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh. Inside this building the President greets visitors, holds interviews and it is here that the decisions of state are made that keep our nation running smoothly. The Office is also where the monthly meetings of the National Assembly are held.

Through The Door

Inside The Office

The President's Desk

The President At Work

The President At His Desk

The Office Sign

Outside The Office

Outside The Office


The Bank of Molossia is the latest addition to Red Square and home to the financial backbone of our nation. Ably staffed by Herman the Banker, the Bank building is Molossia's cookie dough depository, the basis for our currency, the Valora. In addition, visitors to our bank can exchange their foreign currency for Valora, or purchase our coins and banknotes online from all over the world.

Visit the Bank of Molossia webpage here!

Bank Doorway

Herman the Banker on Duty

Cookie Dough in the Vault

Money On Display

The Bank of Molossia

The Tiki Hut

Inside the Tiki Hut

Molossia's Tiki Hut Bar and Grill is the Official Restaurant of Molossia and the social hotspot of Red Square. With an authentic Polynesian look and feel, the Tiki Hut specializes in island cuisine and drinks, including Molossia's signature beverage, the Molossolini. Always a great place to hang out and unwind after a busy day in the world's smallest sovereign republic, Molossia's Tiki Hut is a favorite of His Excellency, The President and The First Lady.

Visit the Tiki Hut webpage here!

Tiki Hut Sign

Happy Tiki Customers

The Molossolini


Anchoring the east end of Red Square is our Water Tower. The Water Tower delivers water to our nation from our natural artesian well. Gushing forth over the coconut shell water wheel, the water makes its way along a sluice to our wishing well, and from there to water the trees next to the Heroes Monument and from there on to Norton Park. The Water Tower and related features form a perfect accent to Red Square and bring shining liquid relief from our dry desert climate.

Water in the Desert

The Water Tower

The Water Tower


Also in Red Square is a branch of the Molossian Telephone System, Red Square Station, and the location of the Molossia Time Capsule. The Molossia Time Capsule was buried on 29 February 2012 XXXV and will be dug up on 29 February 2016 XXXIX. It contains photographs, letters to the future from Molossian citizens, a flash drive with current pictures and various texts of Molossia and a Time magazine covering the events of the past year. In the center of Red Square is Molossia's Peace Pole, a monument that displays the message and prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth on each of its four sides, in eight different languages.

Customs Office

Molossia Time
Capsule Marker

Peace Pole

Direction Sign



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