The way of the Wind is a strange, wild way.
Ingram Crockett (1856- ?)

The wind is a part of Molossia, a constant song that plays across the stark, beautiful landscape. It cannot be fought, it cannot be resisted, it must be accepted and even welcomed, acknowledged as a powerful factor in everyday life here.

And so we build this tower, as an ongoing project dedicated to the wind and the desert and as a symbol of our nation.

In early 2006 XXIX the Tower was moved from its original location to the Geographical Center of Molossia. The Tower complex, consisting of several decorative items and much red lava gravel, was also moved. The decorative items were restored upon the establishment of the new Tower complex, and the gravel was used to cover a new path to the North Gate of Norton Park. In May 2006 XXIX the new Tower complex opened once again to stand tall upon the Molossian landscape.

The during the move.

The Tower moved.

The old location.

The new Tower complex.

The Tower sign.

The Tower.

The Tower grounds.

The crane.

The Tower complex.

The gazing ball
and the rabbit.

Buddha in the rocks.

The view toward
Government House.

Tower Pictures at the Original Location.

The ground before the tower.

The base built.

The frame of the Zephyr Tower.

The top installed.

The Zephyr Tower in place.

The Zephyr Tower and the gazing ball.

The gazing ball up close.

Looking skyward.

The prayer flags from the Williwaw Tower.

The prayer flags from the Chinook Tower.

The Santa Ana Bell in the Zephyr Tower.

The Zephyr Tower.

His Excellency pours
the first shovelful of red
gravel around the Tower.

The Tower with the
gravel in place.

The Tower.

The Tower.

The Kokopelli Tower.

The Kokopelli Tower.

Tourists at the Tower.

The Crane.

The Sunflower Dial.

Wild Horse Wind Sculpture.

Hummingbird Wind Sculpture.

The Mermaid.

Much, much more to come!

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