Is Molossia a Real Country?

Yes. Molossia is as a sovereign, independent nation within the territory of the United States. It exists as a state within a state, much like the Navajo Nation. We exercise sovereignty over our own territory, and have our own laws, customs and land.

Is Molossia a Real Place?

Yes. We have 17,920 Square Royal Nortons (4.5 ha / 11.3 acres) of sovereign territory east of Reno, Nevada, in Southern California and in Northern California. The Molossian flag flies daily over this land, and signs and other landmarks identify Molossia for what it is, a real, physical place, and a sovereign nation. We also have a Marine Sanctuary in the Southern Indian Ocean.

Did Molossia Secede From the USA?

No. Molossia is a sovereign, independent nation, although we recognize the power and authority of the neighboring United States. We assert our right to self-determination, that right that all peoples have.

Are Molossians Wild-Eyed, Gun-Toting, Government-Hating Survivalists?

No. We are law-abiding citizens of our nation, and observe the laws of our-neighbor nation, the U.S., as well. Though a sovereign nation, we are in no way related to the "sovereign citizen" movement in the U.S.

How Do I Become a Molossian Citizen?

You can't. Full residency in Molossia is a requirement of citizenship, and new residents are not allowed. There simply isn't room in our tiny nation!

How Does My Government Open Diplomatic Relations With Molossia?

As a sovereign nation, Molossia exercises its right to interact with the nations of the world. We welcome informal friendly dialogue between our nation and other countries. Formal diplomatic relations, however, are something we not entertain. Please refer to our Diplomatic Policy page for more information.

Can I visit Molossia?

Yes, and we look forward to your visit. Tours are conducted monthly, April through October. Please do not come here unannounced. On tour dates, bring your passport and we will stamp it.

How can I get a visa to visit Molossia?

No visas are required to visit Molossia. However, to get to Molossia you must travel through the United States and they might require a visa for entry from your country. We cannot assist you in obtaining a visa to enter the United States.

"Molossia" was the name of an ancient Greek nation. Is there a connection between your "Molossia" and the Molossia of ancient Greece?

No. The name Molossia is an adaptation of the Hawaiian word Maluhia, which means peace and serenity. Molossia has no connection to Ancient, or modern, Greece.

Are the buildings in the Molossia Railroad real buildings?

No, they are model buildings in a large-scale model railroad.

Are the photos / pictures on the Molossian page real?

Yes, absolutely. Nothing is doctored in the pictures on our website.

If this is a real country, why doesn't the President live in a nicer house?

Molossia is truly a third-world nation - for example, we don't have paved roads, a hospital or an airport. The President prefers to spend the government's money on bettering the nation as a whole, rather than on a grand mansion. Other nations might learn from this.

What is the different language used on the Molossian website?

That is the Esperanto language, the second language of our nation. Spanish is our other second language.

Is your snow real? (Yes, someone really questioned this!)

Yes, it's real. And cold. And wet. We get it several times during the winter.

Why do all the people on your Government Page look the the same?

Because they are all the same. Laugh a little, willya? Besides, are you quite sure all of the people in your government are real? It certainly doesn't seem like it, sometimes.

Are your holidays real?

They are to us. We actually celebrate them, every year. Just because you haven't heard of them, doesn't make them less real. We've never heard of you, and yet you are real, aren't you?.

Is your country's history real?

Actually, it is. Molossia was really founded in 1977, by (now President) Kevin Baugh and James Spielman. All of the successive events actually happened.

Do you pay U.S. taxes?

No. However, we actually contribute an equivalent amount of Foreign Aid to the United States, to help support their nation. They need it - have you seen their roads?

Why do you have Roman numerals behind the dates on your pages?

The Roman numerals show the years since the foundation of Molossia as a nation, in 1977 I, and are a standard part of any written date in our nation.

What is the weird measurement system I see on your webpages?

It is the Kokintz System, our own system of measurement, designed to make measurements a little easier - and more unique!

Any other question? Comments? Concerns? Please feel free to e-mail us at mininfo@molossia.org