8 May 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

Following the "Riverpark Incident", Mustachistan has threatened to use force in resolving its dispute with Molossia over its territorial claims. Sultan Ali of Mustachistan has stated unequivocally that His Excellency, The President's removal of the anti-Molossian sign from the Riverpark and his repeated visits to the park are violations of sovereign Mustachistani territory and an overall affront to Mustachistani pride. His Excellency, The President has responded that the Mustachistani claim, which Molossia originally helped create, is meaningless, and that the park is in neutral United States territory and therefore open to all. In response to this, Mustachistan has threatened to "punish" Molossia for its transgressions against Mustachistan.

We are uncertain what exactly this threat means. It is possible that some sort of state of "war" may soon exist, but what form this might take is uncertain. War, as it is known in larger nations, does not exists in small unrecognized nations, largely because most unrecognized nations lack physical territory to defend. Even those small nations that possess territory do so at great distance from each other, and lack the resources with which to defend it, creating even more obstacles to the concept of traditional war.

However, both Molossia and Mustachistan actually have physical land, tangible territory to defend, and this territory is located in Northern Nevada. This proximity that changes the complexion of war between unrecognized nations. There is every possibility that some sort of physical conflict could occur between Molossian and Mustachistan, although what shape this conflict might take is as yet undetermined.

In the meantime, His Excellency, the President continues to pursue a diplomatic solution to the crisis, while encouraging Molossians to be vigilant against foreign incursions. He has further called on the Naval Infantry to patrol the Molossian frontier and guard against any possible enemy action.

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The Naval Infantry in Traditional Uniform

The Naval Infantry in New Field Uniform

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