13 March 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

Relations between Molossia and the new nation of Mustachistan have become increasingly strained of late, largely due to Mustachistani territorial claims. Though new to the world of small nations, Mustachistan claims most of the physical territory of Northern Nevada, territory within which Molossia exists. Relations between His Excellency, The President and the Sultan of Mustachistan have been amicable in the past, the Sultan being a personal friend of The President. However, Sultan Ali has increasingly pressed his claim that Molossia lies within Mustachistani territory, and is therefore a part of that nation. The President has countered with the argument that Molossia has existed at its current location for eight years and is a well-established small nation with a defined territory. Adding insult to this debate is the fact that His Excellency assisted Sultan Ali in the establishment of his nation and the creation of his website. Mustachistan would not exist without the aid of Molossia.

A conference between the two leaders is planned to discuss the territorial dispute and hopefully reach a positive resolution through diplomacy. His Excellency, The President has ruled out any extreme measures, and holds out hope for a peaceful and mutually beneficial solution.

Mustachistan's website is here.

Sultan Ali of Mustachistan

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