21 April 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

In the ongoing dispute between Molossia and the new nation of Mustachistan, the territorial conflict has reached a new low point. Recent talks failed to resolve the friction between the two nations. Mustachistan claims much of the territory of Northern Nevada, territory in which Molossia physically exists. Because the Molossian property lies within Mustachistan's claimed boundaries, the Mustachistani leader, Sultan Ali claims that Molossia is a part of Mustachistan, and should thus surrender its sovereignty to that nation. Naturally Molossia refuses this demand, pointing out that our claim predates Mustachistan's by many years, and that our nation is much more established and well-known.

Recent events have aggravated the situation. His Excellency, The President of Molossia is a frequent visitor to the Riverpark near the Carson River, in Carson City, Nevada. This fact is well-known, and has been used as a new source of conflict between our two nations. Sultan Ali has attempted to bar The President from using the park, stating that it is in Mustachistani territory and is therefore closed to Molossian visits, especially during this period of dispute. He has even gone so far as to post a sign (see pictures), barring Molossians from the park. Of course this sign was immediately removed by The President. This removal has further aggravated matters between Molossia and Mustachistan, and dims prospects for a positive resolution of the ongoing disagreement.

More information about Mustachistan here.

The Riverpark Anti-Molossia Sign

The Riverpark

The Anti-Molossia Sign Under The President's Foot

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