A. General Data

1. Popular Name: Molossia

2. Three Letter Identifier: MOL

3. Official Name: Republic of Molossia

4. Capitol City: Baughston (formerly Espera), Harmony Province

5. Original Name: Grand Republic of Vuldstein

6. Name in Esperanto: Respubliko de Molossia

7. Nationality of Citizens: Molossian

8. Official Calendar: Gregorian

9. Official Language: English & Esperanto

10. National Day(s): May 26th, 1977 I; Founder's Day

11. Motto: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

12. National Anthem: Fair Molossia Is Our Home

13. Origin of Name: "Molossia" is an adaptation of the Hawaiian word Maluhia, which means peace and serenity. Molossia has no connection to the Ancient Greek nation by the same name.

14. Measurement System: Kokintz System

B. Social Data

1. Population: 30 humans, 4 dogs; total 34

2. Demographics:

a. Ages 0 to 18: 30%

b. Ages 19 to 64: 58%

c. Age 65 and above: 12%

d. Gender:

(1) Female: 40%

(2) Male: 50%

(3) Dogs: 10%

e. Ethnic Diversity: Southern / Central European

3. Religions: No state recognized religion, religious affiliation is an individual choice, and is protected by law. Religious interference in politics is prohibited, though.

4. Obligatory Military Service: Yes.

5. Death Penalty Exists: Yes, well, no, not really. With so few citizens, who would we shoot?

6. Censorship of the Press: No. The Government writes the newspaper, so there's no need for censorship.

7. Homosexual Rights: No one has rights over anyone else; gay rights are not "special" rights. Every citizen has the SAME rights re: marriage (Partnering), inheritance, jobs, justice & redress of wrongs, education, spiritual sustenence, etc. as any other.

8. Direct Elections: To Be Determined

9. Taxation: No.

10. Free Speech Laws: Yes, unless you annoy the President. Then you must shut your pie-hole.

11. Main Newspaper(s): The Khamsin

12. Illiterates (above the age of 15): None, unless you count the dogs.

C. Economic Data

1. Currency: Valora

2. Value in US Dollars: 1 Valora = $ .75

D. Geographical Data

1. Continent: North America

2. Location: Western USA, State of Nevada, Storey County, Northern California, Modoc County and Southern California, San Bernardino County

3. Limits: N/A

4. Major Cities: Baughston

5. Total Area: 17,920 Square Royal Nortons (4.5 ha / 11.3 acres)

in three separate enclaves

6. Local Time (Relative to GMT): -8 hours, plus 39 minutes, Molossian Standard Time

7. Climate: Arid, high desert. Limited precipitation. Very limited.

E. Political Data

1. Political System: Republic

2. Date of Next Elections: To be Determined (but don't hold your breath)

3. Head of State: President Kevin Baugh (1962-)

4. Head of Government: President Kevin Baugh (1962-)

5. Major Parties: N/A

6. Parliamentary System: Yes. Theoretically.

7. Provinces, States, Districts: Harmony Province and Desert Homestead Province; Farfalla Colony

8. Political Allies: N/A

9. Membership in International Organizations: N/A

10. Diplomatic Relations: N/A

F. Cultural Data

1. National Animal: Mustang (Wild Horse)
(Equus caballus)

2. National Bird: Valley Quail
(Lophortyx californica)

3. National Tree: Common Juniper
(Juniperis communis)

4. National Flower: Common Sagebrush
(Artemisia tridentata)

5. National Sport: Molossian Broomball

6. National Musical Instrument: The Molossaphone

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