30 September 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

A new interpretive trail has been established in the Back Forty National Park, the park that lies behind Government House and that occupies over half of the Molossian Home Territory. We have long had a trail through this area, reaching back to the Molossia Cemetery. Over time, this trail has also been the home of many G.I. Joe adventures, seen the creation of Molhenge and been the scene of the Dead Dog War.

His Excellency, The President determined that the area was of enough significance to warrant the formalization of the trail with a series of eight interpretive markers. These markers will be explained along the way with a brochure provided by the Molossian National Park Service. The trail begins at the Tower of the Winds and the Mustachistan War Monument. Thereafter the path leads through native sagebrush and other desert flora, shortly passing the Dead Dog War Battlefield and Monument, and the Ruins of Fort Joe. The path then passes the Lone Tree, a juniper that is the only tree native to Molossia. The path stops at the Molossia Cemetery, and then heads up to Molhenge, our homemade megalithic stone monument. The trail then passes Helicopter Rock and Barbarossa Wash before returning to the vicinity of the Tower of the Winds.

The Trans-Molossia Trail has been a part of the Molossia for a long time, since the early days when our nation first found a home here in Western Nevada. However, in spite of its part in our nation's history, it has been neglected and ignored. This has now been rectified, and the trail has become a vital part of Molossian experience. Visitors to our nation will now be able to walk the trail, and with the help of the brochure, be able to better enjoy the Molossian landscape. We are quite proud of this latest enhancement to our nation and we welcome all visitors to enjoy it.

On the
Trans-Molossia Trail

Dead Dog
War Monument

The Ruins
of Fort Joe

The Lone Tree


Helicopter Rock

Barbarossa Wash

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