5 June 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

Yesterday, 4 June 2006 XXIX, the Molossian Naval Infantry met with and defeated the Army of Mustachistan in the Battle of Rattlesnake Rift, just one Imperial Norton (1km) north of the Molossian frontier.

Following the Mustachistani defeat at the Battle of Black Lizard Canyon, Mustachistani forces proved themselves to be elusive and difficult to engage in battle. Finally, on 3 June, Molossian scouts reported that the Mustachistani Army was in the vicinity of Mosquito Bend, along the Carson River. On 4 June, At 9:00 AM Molossian Standard Time (MST) Molossian troops launched a daring amphibious assault on the Mustachistani forces at Mosquito Bend. This surprise attack from the water quickly sent the Mustachistanis scurrying for cover, with our Naval Infantry in hot pursuit.

At Rattlesnake Rift, a narrow defile near Heliotrope Falls, the Mustachistanis found themselves trapped, and chose to make a stand. Repeated Molossian volleys failed to dislodge the well-entrenched Mustachistanis, so the decision was made to flank them by moving Molossian troops to the rocks above the canyon. This plan necessitated a treacherous climb up a steep cliff, but our Naval Infantry tackled this obstacle without pause. Once atop the cliff, our troops were able fire down on the Mustachistanis with complete impunity, causing havoc among the Mustachistani ranks. This proved to be the undoing of the Mustachistanis and they quickly surrendered. There were several wounded and one dead among the Mustachistani forces, and the Naval Infantry sustained no casualties.

The captured Mustachistanis were marched to Molossia and bivouacked under guard at the Alphonse Simms Memorial Broomball Field and Cosmodrome. It is presumed that this effectively ends the armed conflict phase of the war with Mustachistan, as their Army has surrendered and now has ceased to exist. Negotiations will open shortly to discuss the formal cessation of hostilities.

The Silent Movie Newsreel of the Battle!

Map of Phase I of the Battle

Map of Phase II of the Battle

Molossian Amphibious Assault.

Firing From Above.

Molossian Charge.

Captured Mustachistanis.

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