29 May 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

The Molossian Naval Infantry took to the field today, 29 May 2006 XXIX, and moved to intercept the Army of Mustachistan, which had deployed along Sutro Creek in an area called Black Lizard Canyon, not far from the northern Molossian frontier. Marching through sagebrush and juniper trees and using the rocky terrain for cover, the Naval Infantry met with an ambush as Mustachistani forces attacked from a nearby ridge. The Molossian troops immediately sought cover and deployed a skirmish line along the bottom of the creek. The Mustachistanis quickly followed up their initial gains by advancing their line forward to within 100 meters of the Molossian positions.

The two forces exchanged fire for a short period, before the brave Molossians mounted a charge. Their surprise assault pushed back the Mustachistanis, and they shortly broke and ran, leaving our Naval Infantry in command of the field. The Molossian commander chose not to pursue the retreating Mustachistanis, and instead established defensive fighting positions on the battlefield. Through this exchange, a single Molossian was injured in the arm. There is no word on Mustachistani casualties. Following the battle, scouting patrols have been sent out to determine the location of the Mustachistani Army, and to thereby deal them a decisive blow on the battlefield that will end the war.

The Silent Movie Newsreel of the Battle!

Map of Phase I of the Battle

Map of Phase II of the Battle

The Naval Infantry Advances.

The Mustachistanis Attack!

The Molossians Shoot Back.

The Molossians Charge!

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