4 June 2005 XXVIII

Khamsin Molossia News

Charges are afoot at the ever-popular Molossian Military Academy. As a direct outgrowth from the recently inaugurated Molossian Navy, our Military Academy has been re-tooled and is now the Molossian Naval Academy.

Our new Academy still offers the quality education that the old Academy was known for, but now it is geared toward a more naval aspect. Leadership, tactics, and strategy are still explored. Military history has been focused more on naval battles, and the new category of Basic Seamanship has been added. The entire course is still online, of course, and is still completely free. One small change that is an unfortunate necessity is the institution of a small fee for Academy Completion Certificates, which will now cost $2.00 US due to increased postage and material costs.

An additional new feature of our Naval Academy is the establishment of a commissioning program. Now, Naval Academy graduates may obtain an honorary commission in the Molossian Navy of Captain, Commodore or even Admiral!

We are proud of these new changes, and we are sure that they will only enhance what has always been an outstanding online academic institution.

Visit the webpage of the new Molossian Naval Academy here. And learn more about our commissioning program here.

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