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Welcome to the website of Spyglass Hill, the Molossian Naval Academy, the school for the study of military sciences.

This site specializes in a simple internet-based course of instruction in matters of naval military science, emphasizing leadership, tactics and military history. The student will engage in a course of study designed to enhance his or her knowledge of military leadership, and will graduate prepared to lead in todays modern naval environment.

To enroll, please visit to our enrollment page, at the button below. Once you have enrolled, you will be expected to complete your course of study within thirty days. A course of study will include a general reading on strategy and tactics and the reading of Sun Tzu's Art of War. These are included as informational and will not be tested.

Testable subjects include a reading on the subject of one (and only one, the choice being up to the student) of several historic battles, a reading on military leadership, a reading on the basic principals of tactics and a reading on basic seamanship. These subjects will all be tested, and you are expected to achieve a score of not less then 80% on each exam to pass the course. You must pass a test on one battle, a test on tactics, a test on leadership and a test on basic seamanship to pass this course.

The reading materials for all of these subjects are found at the appropriate buttons below, as are the accompanying tests. All four tests must be completed within thirty days of enrollment for successful completion of the course. A completion certificate may be purchased for $2.00 US by each successful graduate (see below). This was formerly free of charge, but increased material and postage costs have necessitated the institution of a nominal fee.

As a result of the successful completion of this course of study, the student may apply for an honorary commission with the Molossian Navy. This commission will be honorary only and may not be recognized by any other government. You may find out more information about this program by clicking the large button below. The Molossian Naval Academy will provide you with the basic skills necessary to lead; it is up to you to put these skills to use.

To begin, enroll below, and good luck in your course of study!

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Required Readings (not testable):

Strategy Sun Tzu

Required and testable material:

Leadership Leadership Test
Select Battles Battles Tests
Basic Tactics Tactics Test
Basic Seamanship Seamanship Test



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NOTE: This is not a recognized educational institution, military or otherwise, and is not accredited by any organization. This academy is designed solely for informal educational purposes.