29 January 2021 XLIV
Winter Storms Slam Molossia

Winter weather in Molossia can be a highly unpredictable experience and tends to happen in waves. Sometimes we will go through a long dry spell, with close to warm temperatures, followed by storms of varying intensity - and followed by another dry spell. These storms may involve rain or snow, the latter rarely lasting more than a day or two. On occasion, however, a truly powerful storm will arrive and remind us what winter in this mountainous area can truly be like. After a long dry spell, the final week of January 2021 XLIV brought a quick series of these storms. It began, as most of our storms do, with powerful winds rolling in, blowing away anything not tied down. Following the winds came rain, and after the rain temperatures dropped and the snow arrived. Over the course of an evening on 19 January 2021 XLIV, a blanket of white settled on Molossia and the surrounding valleys, burying us under several Micronortons of snow. On Tuesday the weather briefly cleared, then the snow returned Wednesday night, into Thursday morning, 28 January. The snow then turned again to rain, followed by more snow Thursday night, with Molossia awakening Friday morning to another winter wonderland. Between the rain and snow, with temperatures slightly warming soon, there is always a real possibility of flooding in the local rivers and streams. In years past winter floods have devastated nearby towns in the US, themselves generally unaccustomed to much moisture. It is hoped that flooding will not happen this year; in the meantime the Molossian Weather Service will remain vigilant, monitoring our volatile, ever-changing weather.

Republic Square
After The
First Storm

Winter Wonderland

Republic Square
After The
Second Storm

Snowy Norton Park

Red Square
Turned White
Molossian Naval Academy Turns 20!

The Molossian Naval Academy is our online educational institution, dedicated to training in matters of naval military science, emphasizing leadership, tactics and military history. Founded originally as the Molossian Military Academy in 2001 XXIV, it became the Molossian Naval Academy in 2005 XXVIII, around the time of the founding of the Molossian Navy. Naval Academy students engage in a course of study designed to enhance their knowledge of military leadership, and graduate prepared to lead in todays modern naval environment. Over the past 20 years, the Academy has graduated 344 individuals, many of whom have gone on to obtain Honorary Commissions in the Molossian Navy. Our Navy now counts 61 Admirals, 22 Commodores and 44 Captains among the Honorary Naval Commissions granted to our Naval Academy Graduates. We are quite proud of the Molossian Naval Academy and the knowledge it has spread throughout the past two decades to so many people. Here's to another 20 years of the Molossian Naval Academy - and beyond!

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