12 December 2004 XXVII

Khamsin Molossia News

Smoking Banned in Molossia

His Excellency, The President, has officially banned smoking throughout the Republic of Molossia, a decree effective the 9th of December 2004 XXVII. His Excellency announced this ban last Thursday, citing incontrovertible evidence that smoking is dangerous to the health of Molossians. The President is quoted as saying, "Smoking is a blight upon the world, a dangerous vice that has no place in an enlightened society. The Current American Leader said a few years ago, 'there is such a thing as too much freedom', and in this rare case I agree with him. Smoking is a freedom our nation does not need." Citizens and visitors will be banned from all use of tobacco, in public and in private, and will be fined VL 50 if caught using tobacco within Molossia. Visiting offenders will also be expelled from our nation.

This ban is expected to have no effect on Molossian daily life, since none of our citizens smokes.

A listing of government decrees can be found here.

St. Expeditus Shrine Established.

St. Expeditus, long the patron saint of the Republic of Molossia, finally has a shrine here in our nation. Based on those found on the Island of Réunion, our little shrine is painted red, and contains a candle and a small statue of the saint. It has been situated in the Rose Rocks, in front of Government House. We are quite proud of our new shrine, and we hope that it brings honor and prosperity to Molossia.

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