20 April 2019 XLII
Return To RollingAsia

In March 2014 XXXVII The Republic of Molossia was called upon to liberate the nearby enclave of RollingAsia from the yoke of American domination. After overwhelming the weak occupation forces, Molossia freed the RollingAsians from their oppressors, and helped set them on a course of self-determination. See the original story here. After five years it seemed like a good time to re-visit the liberated enclave, and thus the First Family returned to RollingAsia on a fine spring day in April 2019 XLII. It quickly became evident that not much has changed in the passing years and no sign of new found prosperity was to be seen in the bucolic region. In fact, aside from a few devastating floods, RollingAsia appears to have changed little since liberation day. Whether this stagnant landscape is such because of, or in spite of, the liberation remains unknown. We hope that prosperity will one day arrive for the still rustic RollingAsians and Molossia pledges to help guide them toward a bright future!

Rural RollingAsia.

Local Habitation.

SixMile Creek,
Last Seen Flooding.

The Carson River.

Religious Altar,

Railroad Day 2019

Spring has arrived in Molossia and on a blustery April day we celebrated our venerable Molossia Railroad, an annual tradition. One by one the engines of our one and only form of mass transit were rolled out and sent down the track. The Molossia Railroad has five engines and each took a turn around Norton Park, home of the Railroad. Minor technical problems were worked out, as the Railroad has been mothballed for the preceding winter months. The final circuit was handled by the engine Bighorn, stalwart of myriad tourist runs. The Molossia Railroad is now ready for the new year and primed to show our future visitors the pride of rail transport for our great nation!

Bighorn At Steinsdorf.

Mustang At
Silver Hill.

Zephyr Coming
Around The Bend.

Rattler Crossing
The Bridge.

Rattler Leaving
The Tunnel.

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