23 March 2014 XXXVII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia is proud to have struck a great blow for freedom. On 23 March 2014 XXXVII the residents of the nearby enclave of RollingAsia (formerly the Rolling A Ranch) requested that our nation liberate them from the yoke of American domination. RollingAsia has an historical connection to Molossia as its location on the Carson River is believed to be the campsite of ancient Chinese sailors from the fleet of Zheng He, after their discovery of Molossia in AD 1421. Thus it was without hesitation that Molossia stepped in to free these kindred people. At about 2:00 PM MST special Molossian paramilitary troops crossed the border into RollingAsia and swiftly overwhelmed the weak occupation forces there, send them fleeing. The grateful RollingAsians celebrated their new found freedom by fêting the troops and our glorious leader, His Excellency, The President, liberator of RollingAsia!

A plebiscite is planned for the future, to determine if RollingAsia will join Molossia. Overwhelming approval is expected when this vote is held. Hooray for freedom, liberation and annexation!

Ready for Action!

Proud Freedom

The Liberator
of RollingAsia!

Click here for the silent movie of the Liberation of RollingAsia!


The Militia on the Move!

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