21 June 2004 XXVII

Khamsin Molossia News

Molossian Military Exercises. The weekend of the 12the and 13th of June, 2004 XXVII saw the first of several planned military exercises for the Molossian Army. The Army participated in joint field maneuvers with a "sister" unit over the mountains in California, taking part in camp life and four mock battles. June's event took place at the small tourist stop of Casa De Fruta, near Gilroy. The tiny Molossian Army consists of three soldiers and a single civilian counterpart, all of whom participate fully in the exercises. These maneuvers take place monthly, usually from April through October. Other events have prevented the Army from deploying earlier this year. Future exercises will take place in July, at Duncan's Mills and in September at Fresno, both in California. June's event was a resounding success for our little Army.

New Additions for the Tower of the Winds. The Tower of the Winds has seen changes in recent days. Two weeks ago red gravel and river rock was added around the base of the Tower Complex, adding aesthetics. A sign has been added, labeling the Tower for what it is. Finally, and most recently, the Kokopelli Tower has been added to the complex, a long-awaited addition. Our Tower continues to grow and change, and is a source of great pride for our nation.

The Tower of the Winds can be visited here.

President's Parents Visit Molossia. The parents of His Excellency, The President, visited Molossia for several days, from 16 June through 21 June 2004 XXVII. They have traveled from the distant and unique land of North Georgia, USA, to spend time in our nation. Their visit included two trips to the nearby mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, where they also stayed each night (Molossia having no public overnight accommodations). In addition, they traveled with His Excellency to our Colony of Farfalla, touring both the Colony and the nearby town of Alturas. They were most impressed by Farfalla. Overall, The President's parents had an excellent visit, and plan future trips to Molossia.

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