10 April 2004 XXVII

Khamsin Molossia News

The Government of the Republic of Molossia is proud to unveil the Tower of the Winds. This creation is the brainchild of His Excellency, The President, and has been in the planning for several years. A previous tower failed miserably, succumbing to the powerful Molossian winds. The new Tower is envisioned as an art project, and its actual construction will be ongoing for a very long time. Today's unveiling was for just the core of the Tower Project, the Zephyr Tower. Future expansion envisions at least two more smaller towers as well as flags, chimes, and other decorations.

The public is invited to visit our tower, and, if desired, participate by contributing art items. Come enjoy, and help us build the Tower of the Winds!

The website for the Tower of the Winds can be seen here.

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