29 March 2015 XXXVIII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia is pleased to unveil our new Welcome Center - the Gateway to Molossia. Situated at the northwest frontier to our nation the Welcome Center will enhance the experience of entering Molossia for our visitors. Previously the Customs Shack and related Information Boards were located well within our nation, not far from Government House and Red Square. At the frontier were just the border signs and border pole, the latter being where tourists could pose with their feet in both Molossia and the USA. Slowly this developed into the spot where tours of Molossia begin and it seemed logical to move the Customs Shack closer to the border. This was done last year and it was quickly deemed necessary to move the Information Boards there as well. After the winter storm that knocked over the Customs Shack, repairs were made and worked proceeded apace to build a comprehensive Welcome Center, to include the Customs Shack, border sign and pole, a flag pole, passport desk and shaded information kiosk. Henceforth visitors will be able to enter Molossia as one would any other nation, with a stop at customs, photo ops at the signs and a stop at the information boards to learn all about Molossia. This will truly make a visit to our nation all the better and make it all the more enjoyable to visit the world's smallest sovereign republic!

New Welcome Center.

Information Boards.

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