5 April 2014 XXXVII
Khamsin Molossia News

On 5 April 2014 XXXVII the Republic of Molossia celebrated Qingming, our spring holiday. Qingming is adopted from the Chinese festival of the same name which takes place around early April each year. The Chinese holiday is one for enjoying the greenery of springtime and tending to the graves of departed ones. Here in Molossia the holiday is geared more toward general cleanup, often in neighboring areas outside our nation. This year the holiday began with a trip out to the newly liberated enclave of RollingAsia (See here), not far from Molossia. For a good while the citizens of Molossia tramped around RollingAsia, on a quest to pick up trash. It turns out that the users of the park are a remarkably responsible lot, and very little garbage was to be seen. Undaunted and determined to clean up someplace, the intrepid Molossians departed RollingAsia and moved to Mark Twain Park, fairly close to Molossia. While not terribly messy by any means, there was a bit more garbage to pick up at Mark Twain Park, and a half hour there tidied up the park nicely. Once the park was cleaned, the First Family traveled to the town of Dayton and there enjoyed Subway sandwiches, cold food being another Qingming tradition. Lunch done, the Molossians returned to their own nation and spent the afternoon and evening painting, cleaning and organizing. As dusk fell, thus ended our nation's Qingming celebrations and a fine time was had by all.

Cleaning the Park

Goodbye to Garbage!

Ready to Clean RollingAsia

Tidying Mark Twain Park

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