12 April 2011 XXXIV

Khamsin Molossia News

Media Visit

The weekend of 9 and 10 April saw the arrival of our first tourist of the year, a visitor who also came to Molossia to film a short documentary about Molossia. Kevin Wells, the same videographer that accompanied The President and The First Lady around Washington, DC last November, followed up on that trip with a visit to our fair nation to film the second part of his project. After a short informal meeting with His Excellency on Friday, 8 April, the filming began in earnest on the 9th. Mr. Wells followed The President on a tour of the nation, getting shots of all of the sights in Molossia as well as commentary from His Excellency. The next day saw more filming in Molossia, followed by an excursion to Misfit Flats outside the country to launch rockets with the Molossia Rangers. This marks the first time in a year and a half that our Space Program has launched rockets; the last time was when the Rangers helped launch Mexican Jumping Beans aloft in November 2009 XXXII. Upon returning from Misfit Flats, the First Family traveled to nearby Carson City and had dinner at Straw Hat Pizza, the Official Pizza of the Republic of Molossia. Of course Mr. Wells was in attendance, filming the whole meal. The Straw Hat staff were thrilled to host the First Family's dinner - another long-delayed event. The evening wrapped up with Mr. Wells conducting a lengthy interview of The President. All of this will be rolled up into two separate short features, debuting in the next two weeks. We would like to thank Mr. Wells for coming to Molossia and showcasing our nation, and we wish him well in his project.

Kevin Wells At Work

Ready To Lauch Rockets

The President And The Straw Hat Sign

Kickassia Monument

In April 2010 XXXIII, our nation was the target of an invasion. A ragtag band of video game and movie reviewers stormed Molossia and ousted our President from power - a situation he quickly rectified by planting the seeds of divisiveness. In short order, the squabbling Kickassians overthrew their own leader and handed our nation back to His Excellency, a victory indeed. Of course this entire invasion was staged and filmed for the website "That Guy With The Glasses" and the coup was in fact the plot of a hilarious movie. However, the impact of this movie and the positive light which it shed upon our nation are deserving of recognition, and thus a new monument has been unveiled. Just in time for the one-year anniversary of the Kickassia Invasion, the Kickassia Monument was established to commemorate the event. It consists of a silver column fronted by a movie reel sculpture and topped with a silver boot, the "kick" in Kickassia. We are very proud of our role in the mock invasion and this new memorial demonstrates that pride very well.

The Kickassia Monument

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