19 September 2009 XXXII
Khamsin Molossia News

On 19 September 2009, His Excellency, The President of Molossia appeared in the Dayton Valley Days Parade, which is located in the town of Dayton, about 10 Imperial Nortons from Molossia. The parade is part of the annual Dayton Valley Days celebration, held each year in that town. His Excellency was accompanied by three princesses (and personal friends), Princess Miranda, Princess Marie and Princess Angelica. Transportation was provided by Bill, Molossia's neighbor from across the street in America, a fan of Molossia and also a very good friend to our President. This is the first time Molossia has been represented in this parade. The parade was chosen as an event because Molossia and our President were featured in the Dayton newspaper this time last year, and it was believed that the crowd would thus be familiar with our nation. This proved to be quite correct.

The parade began at 10:39 AM MST, near the courthouse in Dayton, and followed Pike Street and then Main Street in that town. All along Main Street were vendor booths, set up for the celebration. In addition, there was a decent crowd of spectators, there to enjoy the parade. The crowd was very pleasant and friendly; one man even came up to shake His Excellency's hand and congratulate him on what he is doing with Molossia. It was a remarkable experience. Shortly after the vendor booths ended along the route, so did the crowd, and shortly after that, so did the parade. By 11:10 MST, the event was over, the shortest of the several parades in which our President has appeared. Nevertheless, the informality and brevity were a welcome change from the much more formal and grandiose Nevada Day Parade, and the Molossian contingent was quite pleased. A fine time was had by all, and there are already plans in the works to repeat this enjoyable parade, this time next year.

Waving to the crowd.

The President Greeting a Fan.

More Crowd Waving

Princess Marie, President Kevin Baugh and Princess Angelica.

Princess Angelica, President Kevin Baugh and Princess Marie.

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