2008 Nevada Day Parade
2 November 2008 XXXI
Khamsin Molossia News

On 1 November 2008 XXXI, His Excellency, The President participated in his second annual Nevada Day Parade. Located in Carson City, Nevada, this was the 70th occasion of the parade, which takes place on or around Nevada Day, the annual celebration of the admission of Nevada as a state. Nevada was admitted to the Union on 31 October 1864. At that time, the state was a significant producer of silver and gold, and therefore played a major role in financing the Union war effort during the United States Civil War. Nevada's admission as a state helped not only to pay for the War, but ensured a northern majority in Congress afterward.

The annual Nevada Day Parade includes marching bands, floats, local business representation, Nevada dignitaries, and for the second time, our President. Accompanied by his entourage, Allie, Natalie, Mike and Sarah, His Excellency rode in a convertible auto, waving at the crowds assembled along the way. The parade route stretches for about 1.2 Imperial Nortons (1.2 km) through the middle of Carson City, the state capital of Nevada. Along the route several reviewing stands are set up, with announcers introducing each parade entry. Unlike the last parade, the announcers were somewhat better this year at pronouncing the name of our nation correctly, mostly erring in calling it as "Mo-loe-ssia", instead of "Mol-ah-sia". Close enough. As the President passed the spectators, many called out, wanting to know where Molossia is located. His Excellency responded and the good humored crowd generally took it in stride that there was a sovereign nation right down the road from them, inside their own state.

Near the end of the parade, a masked assailant leaped from the crowd and fired a homemade "bomb" at The President's car. Obviously intended as an assassination attempt, the effort failed and His Excellency was uninjured. The President's entourage, prepared for such an attack after last year's attempt, responded with a fusillade of Nerf Gun darts, repelling the attacker. Neither The President nor his entourage, were injured in the attempt, and His Excellency praised their quick action in quelling the attack. In spite of this assault (actually including it) a fine time was had by all, and we look forward to Nevada Day 2009!

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The President Ready For Action

The President And His Entourage

Nevada Day Parade

Nevada Day Parade

The Bomb, Secured After the Parade

The Evil Bomb Up Close

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