31 January 2009 XXXII

Khamsin Molossia News

Heliotrope Falls Expedition

On January 25th, 2009 XXXII, the Molossian Geographical Society launched its second recent expedition in many years, to explore Heliotrope Falls. This expedition was the first to Heliotrope Falls in many years, and the first ever in the dead of winter.

The expedition set out on a cold Sunday afternoon, with a light snow falling. In due course, the party arrived at its first destination, nearby Little Round Top. This small hill is but a short hike from the Molossian Home Territories but had yet to be ascended until this day. The hill shows evidence of ancient volcanism, probably from many millennia ago. After descending from Little Round Top, the expedition traveled over land toward Heliotrope Falls, crossing two deep washes (shallow valleys to non-desert folk). At length the party arrived at the falls. Molossia and the surrounding area had recently received several days of rain, so it was hoped that the Falls, and Sutro Creek, would have water in them. The explorers were not disappointed; a good deal of water was found at the Falls. Heliotrope Falls is Molossia's first National Park, founded in 2000 XXIII. It is not far from the two battlefields of the War with Mustachistan, Black Lizard Canyon and Rattlesnake Rift.

After exploring Heliotrope Falls, the expedition wrapped up its survey and returned to Molossia, mission accomplished.

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Snowy Molossian Alps

At the Bottom of Heliotrope Falls

The Deseret Alphabet

For several years now, the Republic of Molossia has used the Deseret Alphabet as an alternate English writing method. The Deseret Alphabet was developed during the 1850's by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the "Mormon" or LDS Church) as an alternative to the Latin alphabet for writing the English language. Here in Molossia we have used it largely to enhance the look of our website, and to give it a more "foreign" feel, even though the alphabet was designed and used in the American West. Recently, the Ministry of Odd Projects was tasked by His Excellency, the President to put the alphabet into actual use. Spurred by that demand, the Ministry set forth to "translate" some of Molossia's signs into the Deseret Alphabet. Thus far, the sign at the entrance to Norton Park, the sign for the Tower of the Winds and three signs on the Trans-Molossia Trail have been augmented with the Deseret script. There are future plans to use the alphabet at the Peace Pole and the Customs Shack. It is believed that this is the first public use of the alphabet anywhere since the 1860's. The Deseret Alphabet now enhances the look of Molossia as well as just our website and we are quite proud of this little accomplishment.

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Norton Park sign.

Tower of the Winds sign.

Trail sign.

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