16 November 2008 XXXI

Khamsin Molossia News

16 November 2008 XXXI marked the second annual Laika Day celebration in Molossia. Laika Day was established by His Excellency, The President in 2007 XXX, to recognize our canine family here in Molossia: Tigger, Duncan and Annie. These three dogs are faithful companions and friends, as well as frequent sources of entertainment. The President felt that they should have their own holiday, to recognize the significant presence they have in our lives. Laika Day is normally celebrated on 3 November, but foul weather two weekends in a row delayed the celebration.

Laika Day is named for the Soviet Space Dog, Laika, who became the first recorded animal to orbit the earth. Laika, whose real name was Kudryavka, rocketed skyward on the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2, on 3 November 1957, fifty-one years ago. She perished in space due to overheating after just a few hours. Laika represents the very essence of dogs, loyal, trusting and obedient. These qualities are what make dogs such a large part of human life, and recognition of this is long overdue.

The second annual Laika Day began with the traditional trip to Misfits Flats, where the Oracle Rocket was launched last year. Misfit Flats is wide open, far from cars and free from any dangers - or people. Tigger, Duncan and Annie could run free with few restrictions, and did so for about an hour. Afterward, the adventurers returned to the Molossian Home Territories, for a couple of well-deserved Laika Day treats. Thus ended Laika Day and a fine time was had by all!

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