19 October 2008 XXXI

Khamsin Molossia News

Rocket Disaster!

The test of the new "Nitro" rocket failed spectacularly today, ending in a brush fire near the Tower of the Winds. The Nitro Rocket system was being developed as a new weapon in the ongoing War with East Germany. Although that country remains a distant threat (literally), it pays to be careful, and the War Department directed the development of new armaments to counter the East German menace. Various efforts have been made, including rebuilding our old catapult, last used several years ago to fire hard-boiled eggs into the Back Forty. This proved to be less than satisfactory as a defense, so other avenues were sought, the latest being the Nitro Rocket system. This device was intended to launch two small rockets at the same time, to defend our nation. In the test, one rocket was launched. Initially the launch went well, and the little rocket sailed out of Norton Park (the launch site) and over the Tower of the Winds. Success turned to catastrophe, however, as the recovery crew found themselves battling a brush fire, caused by the rocket upon landing. Brush fires are no laughing matter in the dry desert, and the recovery crew leaped into action to extinguish it, using dirt and water. Once the fire was out, and catastrophe averted, it was discovered that the Nitro Rocket had been consumed by the flames, leaving only a charred, melted mass. The rocket was a total loss.

In spite of this setback, the weapons design team has returned to the drawing board, and we look forward to a new wonder weapon, one that will hopefully help us end the endless war with East Germany.

The Nitro Rocket system.

The destroyed rocket.

The Nitro ready to launch.

The charred landscape.

The President and the Idol, III

On 11 October 2008 XXXI, His Excellency, The President again had the opportunity to meet pop star Kelly Clarkson. Kelly Clarkson was the first winner of the "American Idol" singing contest in 2002. Since then, she has gone on to create a series of pop music hits and has also garnered two Grammy Awards. This was the third time His Excellency had a chance to meet Ms. Clarkson, the first being in August 2006 XXIX, and the second in November 2007 XXX. The occasion this time was another concert, this one in nearby Reno, Nevada. This was the latest stop on the Two Worlds, Two Voices Tour of Ms. Clarkson and country superstar Reba McEntire. The concert began at around 9:00 PM and ran for over 90 minutes, and included songs made popular by both Ms. Clarkson and Ms. McEntire. Ms. Clarkson sang some songs with Ms. McEntire, or in harmony, after which Ms. McEntire did the same, with several duets mixed in. The result was a very enjoyable mix that kept the audience interested and engaged. And engaged they were, stomping their feet, jumping up and down and singing along with each song. Before the show, a select few fans, our President included, met with Ms. Clarkson backstage. She greeted each visitor personally, gave hugs and posed with them for photos. As always, she was genuinely happy to meet her fans, engaging them in brief conversations before the photo ops. We wish Ms. Clarkson well, and we look forward to her continued successes in the music industry.

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