18 March 2008 XXXI
Updated 24 March 2008 XXXI
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His Royal Highness Grand Duke Paul of the Grand Duchy of Greifenberg will visit the Republic Molossia on 21 April 2008 XXXI for a state visit. Grand Duke Paul is desirous of expanding Greifenberg's micronational diplomatic presence while simultaneously working toward raising the status of micronationalism as a whole. His Royal Highness has, on several occasions, expressed interest in exploring possible fields of future cooperation between Greifenberg and Molossia. The Grand Duke and His Excellency, The President will spend the entire day discussing three main topics, Micronationalism (past, present, future); Bilateral Relations (potential for present and future bilateral projects, etc) and; the State of Multilateral Micronational Relations (to include the League of Small Nations and possible desirability/need for future mechanism(s) for micronational cooperation (diplomatic, economic/financial)). We look forward to the State Visit by HRH Grand Duke Paul, and to the opportunity to expand our relations in the world of small nations.


The Republic of Molossia will be hosting a State Visit in June, the first in our nation's long history. His Royal Majesty, Grand Prince Christopher I of Vikesland, and Her Royal Majesty Princess Erin, will be visiting Molossia in late June, as part of a larger tour through the western third of the United States.

The Prince and Princess are expected to arrive in the vicinity of Molossia on or about 27 June 2008 XXXI. Upon arrival, the Royal Family will be staying at Dayton State Park, some 12 Imperial Nortons (12 km / 7.5 mi) from the Molossian Home Territory. They will be received at Government House for the official State Visit and Summit, the latter of which will take place along with a barbecue. In addition, the Prince and Princess will be given a tour of our great nation, and of course treated to our National Treat, cookie dough. Following all this, during the following weekend, joint naval maneuvers will take place, either at nearby Lake Lahontan or further afield at Lake Tahoe. A joint journey of exploration is also planned to Lake Tahoe and perhaps to Heliotrope Falls National Park and the adjacent Mustachistan War National Battlefields Park. A visit to nearby Virginia City, Nevada, an historic mining town and tourist mecca is also planned.

In addition to visiting Molossia, Prince Christopher has expressed a desire to meet with the Lord Imperator of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates, during a visit to Mount Rushmore. The Royal Family will not be able to visit the Imperium proper, located in Missouri, due to time constraints, but it is hoped that the Lord Imperator will agree to travel to Mount Rushmore to meet the Prince and Princess.

This is a wonderful event for both of our nations. Because of the relative remoteness of Molossia from other micronations, we have yet to host a foreign dignitary (although many have stated the desire to visit), so this will be a first for us. There is no doubt that this august occasion will be a watershed in our nation's history and that of Vikesland, and may open the way to future visits between Molossia and the other small nations of the world.

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