10 March 2008 XXXI

Khamsin Molossia News

The Molossian Naval Academy has been around for several years, and lately it has really taken off. There has been a recent explosion in Academy attendance and completion, as well as similar growth in the granting of Honorary Commissions in the Molossian Navy. While the Academy staff is unclear about the reason for the recent upsurge in Academy activity, they are nevertheless quite pleased that their institution has become so popular.

The Molossian Naval Academy began life in 2001 as the Molossian Military Academy. It quickly became a popular program, and this status rapidly overwhelmed the Academy staff. Faced with resource and time issues, the Military Academy closed after about a year in existence. It was resurrected a few years later, and when the Molossian Navy debuted in 2005, the Academy changed from "Military" to "Naval", with a shift from a general military to a naval curriculum. At the same time, the Molossian Navy began offering Honorary Naval Commissions, in the ranks of Admiral, Commodore and Captain. Graduation from the Naval Academy is a prerequisite for an honorary commission, so the two programs tend to go hand in hand.

Since its retooling in 2005, Academy graduates have generally numbered one or two a month. However, in recent months, graduates have numbered that many a week, a real jump in attendance. Honorary Commissions have seen a similar jump, and at this writing there are now 13 Admirals, three Commodores and four Captains in the Molossian Navy, all honorary, as well as two Grand Admirals. There is no discernable reason for this sudden surge in Academy completion, but it is certainly a feather in the cap of our Navy and our Government. No doubt, the reputation of the Molossian Naval Academy is now well-known, and graduation from the Academy, along with obtaining an honorary commission, has become a popular aspiration. No matter the reason, the Naval Academy is an unqualified success, and we look forward to its continued success for many years to come.

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