22 July 2003 XXVI

Khamsin Molossia News

New Telescope Arrives. The Molossian Ministry for Space Exploration is pleased to announce the arrival of its new telescope. This telescope is a Meade Telestar NG-60. While certainly not the most extravagant model, it is quite suitable for our nascent space agency and within the space ministry's limited budget. It has already proven its value during its initial foray of moon exploration, and plans are afoot to use it for the upcoming Mars perigee. The Red Planet and earth will pass as close as they ever get, about 35 million miles apart instead of the usual distance of about 60 million miles. The Molossian Ministry for Air and Space Exploration is looking forward to this event, and plans to use its new telescope to fully exploit the opportunity.

New Website for the National Park Service. For several years, the stewards of the wildlands of Molossia have functioned without a window on the world wide web. This has now changed. Yesterday the Molossian National Park Service opened its new website through the existing Molossian Government portal. This new web presence not only showcases the already well-known Heliotrope Falls National Park, but also brings to the attention of the world the newly opened Back Forty National Park. It is certain that, as this new website brings Molossia to the world, it will also bring the world to Molossia

The Molossian NPS website can be reached here.

Ark Molossia. Molossians are animal lovers, of that fact there can be no deny. We revel in the wildlife that populates our small country, be it the wild horses or the tiny ground squirrels. But animals do not just stop at the door to Government House. Just the opposite. Within Government House there live many animals, all pets of His Excellency, The President and the First Family. Now for the first time the casual visitor can get a glimpse inside the animal world of Government House. A new webpage has been created just to showcase the domestic four-legged residents of Molossia. Called "Ark Molossia", it shows pictures of each pet as well as brief description. From Queequeg to Opus, visit the critters that call Government House home, at Ark Molossia.

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