5 August 2007 XXX

Khamsin Molossia News

New Antrim, our protectorate in Pennsylvania, is at the center of a growing controversy regarding tobacco. As the reader is aware, tobacco is banned in Molossia in accordance with Proclamation 041209. By extension, this proclamation also applies to New Antrim. However, the heretofore unheard of Association of New Antrim Tobacco Growers is challenging this decree, stating that it will shutter its factories and close the domestic market to its tobacco products. The Association has appealed to His Excellency, The President to repeal or modify the tobacco law, to allow the Association to grow and manufacture tobacco products, with an eye toward specializing in cigars. They have even upped the ante by proceeding with the production of a specialty cigar, "Presidente", complete with a picture of His Excellency on the label.

Our government has responded to this plea for tobacco leniency by maintaining that the decree stands, and indeed applies to New Antrim. While The President is quite flattered by the new cigar named for him, he reminds the reader that tobacco use is proven hazardous to one's health, and remains banned.

It remains to be seen how this impasse will be resolved, although we always hope for a positive outcome.

New Antrim Tobacco Field

"Presidente" Cigar

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