9 June 2007 XXX

Khamsin Molossia News

On 9 June 2007 XXX our newest rocket rose aloft. The "Oracle" shot skyward at 8:00 AM Molossian Standard Time. The Oracle is the latest stage in our continued aerial explorations, and is the successor to the Astrocam, our last rocket. Equipped with a small video camera, Oracle is able to take movies while aloft. This project, eagerly anticipated, proved to be a complete and resounding success. The Oracle was launched a total of three times, first from Norton Park, then from Republic Square and finally from near the Tower of the Winds. In each case, the rocket performed admirably, rising several hundred feet in the air before landing smoothly not far from each launch site. During every launch, video was taken, which produced three aerial movies of Molossia. Details of our nation can be clearly seen from above, including Norton Park, Government House and Republic Square. This marks the first successful high-altitude images of our nation, images that are much higher and clearer than those taken by the "Moa". This is another great triumph for our air and space program, and we eagerly look forward to future missions for this mighty rocket.

The Oracle

Above Norton

Above Republic

Above Norton
Park Again

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