7 May 2007 XXX

Khamsin Molossia News

On 7 May 2007 XXX our latest aerial survey effort took to the skies. Under a cloud of blue, white and green balloons, the "Moa" aerial camera platform rose aloft at 9:00 AM Molossian Standard Time. As was the case with the failed Hypérion Balloon project, the Moa's purpose was to rise high above Molossia and take aerial photos of our nation. Unlike the Hypérion, however, the Moa performed quite well on its first flight, and was subsequently re-launched several more times, to take other aerial shots of Molossia. The Moa photographed Republic Square, Fountain Square and the Tower of the Winds from above, more or less. The film taken is still somewhat unrefined and tends to jump around a bit due to the wind. Nevertheless, this is the first real success we have had at taking aerial photos of Molossia, and this project is thus considered resounding triumph for Molossia's air and space program.

The Moa's aerial camera is adapted from the nose cone of the "Oracle" Rocket, another project of the Ministry for Air and Space Exploration. The Oracle Rocket is expected to be complete and ready to launch in the next few weeks, and the Moa camera will be used in that flight project. In addition, the aerial camera is planned for use in the Moa II Project, a proposed kite-mounted aerial platform.

We are quite proud of this latest accomplishment by our hard-working scientists, and look forward to the advent of the aforementioned future projects. The Moa will fly again on future missions!

The webpage for the Molossian Ministry for Air and Space Exploration is here.
Lisa Crater
The "Moa"
Flight Movie
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