New Year's Speech

Given by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
February 9th, 2005 XXVIII

My Fellow Molossians, Greetings.

This past year has been one of challenges and this coming year holds great promise. As a nation, we have always met challenges together, and as a nation we will face the future together. Molossia is the smallest sovereign republic, a Lilliput in a land of Brobdingnags; our tiny country must always strive to find its voice and not become lost among the giants. Through effort and will we have a voice, one heard around the world. Daily this voice grows louder, and daily the world learns more more about us. We have much to gain from the world around us, and the world has much to gain from us. We do not turn our back on the world of nations, like some large nations are wont to do. Instead, we strive to interact with other nations, and to fulfill our individual responsibilities as a nation-state.

We accept the challenges that lie before us, just as we have shouldered many burdens in the past. We do this unswervingly, knowing that our national pride and strength will carry us through. As your President, I have never sidestepped the responsibility of leading this nation, and I share your burdens and your joys. I pledge to continue to support you and to seek your support. Together, we can overcome all obstacles and triumph in the end.

Molossia is truly the greatest nation on earth, and the future is certainly ours. Let us stride forward together and make great things happen, for Molossia and for the world.

God Bless You.
Long Live Molossia!

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