2024 New Year's Speech

New Year's Speech

Given on the Occasion of the Lunar New Year by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh

10 February 2024 XLVII

My Fellow Molossians, Greetings.

This past year was one of great accomplishment. From diplomacy abroad to growth and accomplishment at home, Molossia has time and again shown itself to be an amazing place to live and flourish. Our citizens ever seek to live happy lives, to bring out their best, and to realize their dreams. Daily our people build their lives and achieve their dreams, and daily their successes and prosperity make those dreams come true. Our uniqueness as a nation makes these dreams, this prosperity happen. Though our nation is tiny, it has so much to offer. Our combined efforts have made Molossia an affluent and dynamic state, outward-looking and active in the concerns of nations, as well as thriving at home. We must continue to mobilize our efforts and devote all our energy to the cause of peace, mutual acceptance, and solidarity toward better lives for all Molossians.

Molossia's exceptionality is our shield against the problems that beset so many of other nations. We cannot predict the future, but we can prepare for it. We may not foresee it, but we must build it. The year ahead, like all, heralds many challenges but also holds rich promise. And so, we enter this New Year in high spirits and with great confidence. While we are of course bound to encounter headwinds, by reaching out to each other in adversity we will meet challenges head-on and overcome all difficulties.

In this coming year, then, I speak to all Molossians and wish to you all the best. I pledge to continue to lead you as best I can, to be your mentor and your partner. I am not the nation, we all are. And together we shall continue to build toward a great future for all Molossians.

God Bless You.

Long Live Molossia!

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