The Dedication of Molossia's Friendship Gateway

Given by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
13 August 2017 XL

Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow Molossians, Greetings.

Eight months ago, I saw a shift in the attitude of the world around Molossia, a shift away from openness and inclusion to one of xenophobia and fear. I was inspired then to create a monument to amity and friendship, one that stands as a symbol of hope and freedom. As a counterpoint to walls, I envisioned a gateway, open to all regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin and color. I asked then for the support of the friends of Molossia, those that share our vision of a better world, to help build this gateway. My call was answered and today, through their contributions and assistance, Molossia’s Friendship Gateway is a reality.

Though times have changed elsewhere, here in Molossia we are strongly committed to recognizing and lauding the diverse world in which we live. There is no racism here, nor sexism, ageism, homophobia or xenophobia. This is an amazing world in which we live, with a myriad of cultures and every individual has something to contribute. But our tolerance has its limits. Here we do not tolerate racism, discrimination and hate, and not only do we scorn those that hate and seek to disparage others, but we also look upon with contempt those that tacitly condone this behavior.

As I speak, over the border from Molossia flies another symbol. It is not the American Flag, under which so many have fought and died to protect freedom, but a version of the Confederate flag, a symbol of hate and racism. This flag, so popular among those that fear and despise diversity, flies in direct contrast to our Gateway, which stands for freedom and celebrates diversity. That flag has flown now for over a month and I watch it every day. As each day passes I note that is becoming more faded in the sun and tattered in the wind. Someday soon, that flag will be gone and so too I believe that can be the course of hatred and xenophobia. Like the flag we can hope that walls between peoples will also one day fall. There are no walls attached to our Gateway, there is only the Gateway itself standing now and forever as Molossia’s symbol to the world of peace, openness, goodwill and friendship. We all share a part of this amazing world, and let us therefore walk through this Gateway together toward a brighter future for all.

Thank you.

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