Prisoner's Pride Salt!

Toiling in the happy bowels of the earth, Molossia’s political prisoners are gently guided back from their erroneous ways while producing quality salt for tables across our nation. This fine product, renowned for its taste and excellent character, can be used for a variety of purposes, not the least of which is flavoring and preserving food. Our prisoners swear by it as an additive to their meager, occasionally rancid, yet wholesome rations - an added incentive to their already rewarding servitude deep underground.

Get your souvenir bag of Prisoner's Pride Salt today!

The Merry Molossia Re-education and Rehabilitation Facility - otherwise known as the Molossia Salt Mine - and a happy salt miner mending his erroneous ways!

Prisoner's Pride Salt!

Prisoner's Pride Salt

Net weight One Bascomb (2 ounce) bag.

$5.00 USD - Within the US

Note: We cannot ship outside the USA.

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