The Government of the Republic of Molossia is conscious of the social responsibility of helping sustain the environment through our working practices. Our objective is not only to sustain our environment for our citizens and descendants but also to rehabilitate the damage previously done. We believe that our governmental responsibility goes beyond our national borders and therefore every effort will be made to conserve resources throughout our nation.

The Republic of Molossia will not only meet existing US environmental laws and regulations outside our nation, but will endeavor to go above and beyond and seek techniques and approaches that position us ahead of our neighbor.

The prosperity and posterity of our nation depends on our abilities to minimize or eliminate our impacts on our surroundings. Our ultimate success affects the environment of Molossia and thence beyond our borders. Our nation's future and the future of our environment are interconnected.

Following are our specific ideals:

Awareness and Commitment

Our policy towards the environment will be readily available and promoted to our citizens and visitors to our nation. We will endeavor to ensure the government and citizens of Molossia are familiar with and implement our environmental commitment and objectives. The Republic of Molossia environmental policy will be available to view on our website.


The Republic of Molossia will endeavor to reduce the impact on the environment where ever possible with respect to transport. The effect of this will be to reduce the carbon footprint of our nation, as fossil fuel emissions are the single largest contributor to that footprint. The small size of our nation actually aids in this goal, as Molossia has few roads, thus the use of motor vehicles is naturally limited. Measures such as a limitation on the idling of vehicles for long periods of time will be implemented. Other initiatives include avoiding unnecessary travel and the use of more energy efficient vehicles and driving styles; encouraging the use of public transport (where possible), bicycle or foot; eliminating the unnecessary and inefficient use of motor vehicles, and wherever possible encourage carpooling.

Energy & Water Consumption

The Republic of Molossia maintains a commitment to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions both by attaining greater efficiency in total energy consumption and by continuing to examine the possibility of acquiring electricity from 'green' sources whenever possible, either through the purchase of 'green' electricity, or through an increased use of solar power. Molossia will make every effort to use water efficiently and avoid pollutants entering the drainage system, will use energy efficient products wherever practical, and monitor energy usage to achieve minimum energy consumption.

Waste Generation and Management

The Republic of Molossia will seek to minimize the production of waste and pollution; including unnecessary packaging. Molossia will implement measures to reduce the volume of waste generated and to increase the proportion of that waste which is recycled. Some measures to be taken are the possible composting of organic waste and implementing separated recycle bins for glass, paper, plastic, and metal (for example, aluminum).

Materials and Resources

The Republic of Molossia will try to minimize environmental impact with regard to sourcing materials and resources. Some measures to be taken are the avoidance of materials which have an undesirable effect on the environment, and wherever possible use recycled goods; the use of electronic communication and information storage as an alternative to paper, and take into account the environmental quality and impact of food products and where possible to purchase food which has been grown locally.

Natural Environment

The Republic of Molossia will help to protect and enhance natural habitats and wildlife, take appropriate opportunities to enhance them and be sensitive to landscape issues. Our government will always seek to minimize impact on local wildlife, and to look for opportunities to care for the local environment. Molossia will endeavor to be aware of local planning developments and take appropriate action where these are potentially damaging to the environment.

Thank you for helping us to help the environment.