21 October 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

His Excellency, The President did the first of two book-signings today, as a part of the publicity for the new Lonely Planet Guide to Micronations. Officially titled "Meet and Greets", this first event took place at 2:00 PM PST on 21 October 2006 XXIX, at the Border's Book Store in Carson City, Nevada. His Excellency was warmly welcomed by the staff of Border's, and they set him up at a table near the store entrance. During the hour and a half that The President was at Border's, he spoke with many customers on the subject of micronations in general and Molossia in particular, as well as promoting the Lonely Planet Guide. Actual book purchases were not overwhelming, but the experience nevertheless served well to promote the book and micronations. Thanks go out to Rachel and the entire staff of Border's for making this event a success.

Subsequent to visiting Border's, His Excellency visited the Carson City Library and donated a copy of the Lonely Planet book to them in a short ceremony. Andrea Moore, the library public relations director, was quite pleased to receive a copy of the book for the library's collection. The experience was rewarding for all.

The next book signing will take place at 2:00 PM PST on 11 November 2006 XXIX at the Border's Book store in Reno, Nevada.

His Excellency, The President and bodyguard at Border's

His Excellency autographing a book for a new fan

The President and Ms. Moore at the Library book donation

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