3 September 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

It is our governments great pleasure to announce the arrival of the new book, The Lonely Planet Guide to Micronations. Several copies arrived via post on Friday, September 1st, courtesy of representatives of Lonely Planet themselves.

The book focuses on "landed" micronations, with a possible eye toward "micro" tourism. This could mean the beginning of a whole new era for landed micronations, one of actual tourism, and we are all looking forward to the possibility. The Guide includes entries on Sealand, Christiana, Hutt River, Lovely, Whangamomona, Elleore, SMOM, Akhzivland, NFA, Seborga, Freedonia, Molossia, the Copeman Empire, Atlantium, North Dumpling, Kugelmugel, Lagoan Isles, Vikesland, Romkerhall, Kemetia, Aerica, Trumania, Westarctica, Eastport, Saugeais, Caux, Conch Republic, Ladonia, British West Florida, Elsanor, and Snake Hill, as well as sidebar articles on many, many more. It is 156 pages long, in full color and in great detail. It is an outstanding work and we are quite proud to be included in it.

His Excellency, The President has been asked to help publicize the advent of the book, and has naturally agreed to help in any way he can. Thus far this has been limited to just one interview (see Newsbites, dated 31 July 2006 XIX), but there are certain to be more opportunities in the future. His Excellency also plans to donate copies of the book to local American libraries.

To celebrate the arrival of the Guide, His Excellency, The President declared Saturday, 2 September 2006 XIX a national holiday, and promptly whisked nearly the whole population of our nation off to Sacramento to celebrate. This included a visit to Old Sacramento, a ride on the Sacramento Southern Railroad along the Sacramento River, and finally dinner at Macaroni Grill. A fine time was had by all.

The Lonely Planet Guide to Micronations can be purchased at Amazon.

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