3 July 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

2006 Founder's Day

Founder's Day for the Republic of Molossia is on 26 May of every year. The holiday goes back to the day in 1977 when our nation was founded, then known as the Grand Republic of Vuldstein. Through the years the name has changed, and the location has been transitory , but the dream has remained the same. This dream continues today, and our nation is the proud result of 29 years of growth and prosperity.

This year's Founder's Day occurred during the recent War with Mustachistan, which took place from 22 May to 7 June 2006. Of course it was not appropriate to celebrate Founder's Day in the middle of a war, so the celebration was postponed. Thus Founder's Day 2006 was celebrated on 1 July 2006 XXIX. In concert with every Founder's Day, His Excellency, The President always delivers a speech rolling up the events and high points of the previous year. This year's Founder's Day is no different, in spite of being delayed, and His Excellency delivered a rousing speech, reminding us all of the great milestones that made Molossia outstanding among the world of small nations.

Here's to another great year in Molossia!

The text of the His Excellency, The President's 2006 Founder's Day Speech is here.

His Excellency, The President of Molossia

New Sign Dedicated.

A new sign has been dedicated for each of the two entrances to Molossia. Molossia has just one road, Alphonse Simms Circle, which enters our nation at two points along the western frontier. At each of these entrances, we have long had small wooden signs indicating that this is Molossia. The new wooden signs are larger, and each includes a metal sign that spells out clearly that this is an independent, sovereign nation, and that Molossian passport and customs laws apply.

It is expected that Molossia may have an small influx of visitors beginning this autumn when the Lonely Planet Travel Guide to Micronations is published. This sign is part of the preparations for those visitors, and should be both welcoming and informative to those that are new to the world of small nations.

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