25 May 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

As a state of war now exists between Molossia and Mustachistan, the Molossian War Office has issued a few rules and reminders in order to safeguard the Molossian population, successfully prosecute the war, and bring victory to our great nation.

Conservation at home is very important; the more we save at home, the more that is available for our troops in the field. Walk instead of driving to conserve fuel, conserve everything else that you can to avoid waste, especially food, find time for war work and buy Victory Bonds (see below).

Remember, your actions can help the war effort and our troops at the front, and play a large part in bringing them home safely. Communications are also very important to the war effort; stay off the telephone and avoid sending unnecessary telegrams in order to keep the lines open for official communications. Our frontiers are guarded expertly and efficiently by the Naval Infantry; do not interfere with their mission, and help them by being vigilant for enemy activity at all times.

The War Office also reminds our citizens that loose talk can be dangerous to our soldiers and the war effort. Avoid conversations about troop movements, war production and general military information. Even a little slip could be the piece of the puzzle that enemy spies need to gain a picture of our military plans. Careless talk can cost lives. Like the poster says, "Keep Mum"!

Remember, victory in the field starts at home, and with you. Let's all do our part!

(Vintage War Poster, Recycled for Our Use)

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