11 June 2003 XXVI

Khamsin Molossia News

Volcanic Institute Opens Page. The Molossian Institute of Volcanology has opened a website, reachable from the Molossian main page. His Excellency, The President is an avid explorer of volcanoes and volcanic phenomenon, and makes every effort to investigate these wondrous features. The webpage highlights some of the volcanic aspects of the Long Valley Caldera and Lassen Volcanic National Park, both in neighboring California, USA. Included in the site is a glossary of volcanic terms, and pictures from the several expeditions that the Institute has made through many nearby regional volcanic locations.

Yard Built. After a year of planning and days of hard work, the Storage Yard has finally been completed behind Government House. Envisioned as a method of beautifying Norton Park, increased emphasis was placed on building the Yard after the recent move of the Molossia Railroad to Norton Park and the subsequent park improvements that accompanied that move. His Excellency, The President wishes to commend all that worked to bring this project to fruition through hours of sweat and hard labor.

Historic Meeting Planned. A casual suggestion by His Majesty, King Spence of Zarahemla has laid the groundwork for an historic meeting. In early August, the First Family of Molossia will be traveling to Las Vegas for the Star Trek Convention that takes place there every year. A mention by His Excellency, The President of this upcoming visit to King Spence netted an invitation to meet. His Excellency eagerly accepted the invitation, and the plan for a State Visit took shape. On Saturday, August 2nd, His Excellency, The President of Molossia and His Majesty, King Spence of Zarahemla will meet in Las Vegas at a time and place to be determined. Other Heads of State may attend as well. This historic meeting will be the second state visit between His Excellency and another Head of State. In November 2000, His Excellency met with the Co-Monarchs of TorHavn in Los Angeles, one of the very few State Visits to ever occur between the heads of two micronations.

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